The Residential Process is personal. This is your full-time or part-time home. Your first-place where you spend the largest part of every day. The focus is on your wants and needs in that order and our job is capture an image of what you have been dreaming of for months or years.



Flores Residence



“Love our home, loved the process, it was much easier than expected.”

Sharon S.

“I had a crazy idea to take out all our walls; foyer, living, dining, kitchen and family room – then put my kitchen in the middle and have one large open and interactive area; I didn’t know if it would work or how to arrange it – But Steve did an amazing job, we love, love, love the finished results.”

Cindy B.

“Our historic one-story home was small and on a small lot. The challenge for us included approval from the historic review board, and we needed 2-stories to fit in everything we needed.  Our Finished Home is amazing, Steve made it fit the site, and look like it belongs – PS we passed the historic review in the first meeting.”

Jane D.