Development Review Officer

Development Review Committee

Site Plan Approval

Development Review Officer (DRO), Site Plan Approval (SPA), and Development Review Committee (DRC) is the unique process in South Florida, required by planning and zoning to develop a new parcel, change a use, or a substantial addition to an approved use. The TERM changes between municipalities and/or counties, but typically includes:

Site Plan Design

Including road or highway access, parking tabulation requirements for the use, and parking layout, ADA accessibility, green-space vs impervious-area ratios, storm water management, utilities, emergency vehicle access on-site, landscape design & adjacent property buffering, site lighting, and pedestrian, cyclist access.

Architectural Design

At a schematic level sufficient to clarify; accurate square foot area(s) for each unique use, preliminary fire protection requirements, maximum building height & number of stories, area calculations for site tabular-data

Architectural Elevation Study

For compliance with; adjacent building compatibility, historic and/or architectural review, color & material choice review, length of straight walls and/or strait roof-lines vs projections, offsets, and tower’s as may be required by local code.

The Sometimes complicated and often confusing, and ever changing process can be overwhelming to owners and developers alike. Steve Siebert Architecture can provide the lead in organizing and orchestrating a TEAM of engineers, landscape architects, and our architectural design to complete the design and track the many reviews and meetings along the process. Depending on the scope of the project, The development process in South Florida can take 6 to 12 months long from start. Consider: engagement of the TEAM, research of the code and preliminary meetings with municipal staff, Time to design the project and prepare the submittal documents, first staff review & comments, second staff review and comments, public committee meetings* (more comments to address) and finally public commissioner meetings (potential for more comments) all prior to preparing construction documents for permitting the building and construction. Steve Siebert Architecture offers the DRO, SPA, DRC review process as a front-end package to architectural design services, or as a stand alone process without future commitment. Please consider a no-cost consultation, to outline the time & process for your new project.