Our Firm is most often complemented on our exceptional ability to balance Aesthetics, Function, and Budget to design the Right Project. Our Commercial Projects include small businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, manufacturers’ and each project reflects the owner and community they serve. Whether you’re the homeowner or developer, our understanding of your priorities is our first discussion for all Residential Projects, where we creatively blend your priorities for the perfect outcome. Our experience is Historic Traditional, to Modern Contemporary and includes interior remodel and additions. And our Church & Nonprofit Projects are a Special Focus for SSA.  Providing custom service to the entire state of Florida, we also have Projects in Haiti, Dominican Republic  & Honduras for this unique Group.

The Commercial Process seeks to capture your business needs and function in a way that is progressive, creative, and focused on intentionality. The building must reflect your market, your current and future goals, and blend it all with the Location, and requirements of the Zoning & Building Codes.

The Residential Process is personal. This is your full-time or part-time home. Your first-place where you spend the largest part of every day. The focus is on your wants and needs in that order and our job is capture an image of what you have been dreaming of for months or years.

The Church and Nonprofit Process is outward even community focused. The needs and desires are best defined by “what does this community need, or what do they desire and need from us?” The process sometimes includes research to what kinds of space do people in this community naturally gather in already? In addition the process must reflect the on-purpose calling to build, here, and now. And meet in a different way the priorities of form, function, and budget.